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Everyone has an obligation to explain the significance of Yetziat Mitzrayim (leaving Egypt). I heard a great dvar Torah by Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz. He says that

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Broken Mirrors

It all started with a conversation that Chani and I had in an interview. You may have even heard us chatting. We were speaking about

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For the Love of Torah

Life is busy! We’re so often rushing from here to there: cleaning, cooking, rotas, etc. I once mentioned to a friend that I just had

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LA Jewish Community

Behind the façade of Hollywood lights and beach balls, there are approximately 700,000 Jewish people in Los Angeles County. We comprise approximately 7 percent of

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Music, Art & Soup

It was a lovely event to truly warmed the soul. Emuna O’Donaven played the harp as we sipped soup, explained the artwork we had on

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