About Aliza

Aliza Marton

The writing of this bio, the publication of this website, and the launch of Aliza Fine Art to make Aliza’s artwork available around the world is thanks entirely to the overwhelming encouragement of supportive collectors, fellow artists, and enthusiastic students.  Until now, art has been a very private part of Aliza’s life.  While she provides art instruction to as many as 60 students at any given time, her own artwork has  historically only been shown to private audiences.  It is with tremendous gratitude that Aliza has embarked on this new journey.

Aliza has always seen the world differently – Colors others do not see, Details others miss, and a sense of the Spirituality in everything that others often do not recognize.  Aliza’s earliest memories include a deep love of art.  She would not simply view art but rather inspect, analyze, and deconstruct every element of what she was seeing.  Aliza was fascinated by the spectrum of technique that was employed by different artists. This is how her personal taste and ultimately her talent developed.  As a child, Aliza’s passion for art was not encouraged.  Despite this, wherever a pen or pencil could be found, a sketch was soon to follow (sometimes on her clothing if paper was not within reach). 

Aliza did not formally enter the art world until the age of 39.  Life had been busy until then.  Aliza had pursued and received her degree in Psychology and Education from UCLA, worked as an elementary school teacher, and (most importantly) raised four wonderful children with her husband.  It was not until she joined an oil painting course her daughters had enrolled in that she decided to make fine art her full-time professional focus.  Once Aliza picked up that first brush with oil paint on its tip, like a wellspring, art began to flow and it has not stopped since.

Aliza finds inspiration everywhere and sees the hand of the Creator in everything.  While her mind  constantly races with ideas, she recognizes the time and attention that is required to make these ideas come to life in the form of fine art.   Aliza often creates large format pieces so that she and others can feel as if they are “in” the painting – not just outside looking in.

Aliza sees the natural world as a bridge to the spiritual realm.  She lives in awe of G-d’s creations and their incredible beauty.  Aliza’s personal commitment is to capture moments of particular beauty and share them with others.  Aliza’s hope is that her artwork will serve as a celebration of the natural and spiritual worlds’ ability to provide comfort, guidance, and inspiration.

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