Peaceful Sleep


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 30”x24”)

I went to see my daughter, who is living in Israel again, and assist
her before, during, and after the delivery of her first baby –
my first grandson! I  took a photo of him when he was 2 weeks
old while he was so peacefully sleeping in his stroller. I began this painting immediately after I returned home.

The biblical verse in this painting is:

‏”ידיד נפש אב הרחמן משך עבדך אל רצונך ירוץ

עבדך כמו איל ישתחוה אל מול הדרך יערב לו ידידותיך מנפת צוף וכל טעם הדור נאה זיו העולם

נפשי חולת אהבתך אנא אל נא רפא נא לה בהראות לה נעם זיוף אז תתחזק ותתרפא והיתה לה שמחת עולם”

“Beloved the soul, Father who is compassionate, draw your servant to your will.  May your servant run like a deer to bow toward your majesty it will be sweeter to him your friendship than the dripping of honeycomb in all flavors. Majestic one, pleasant one radiance of the universe! My soul pines for your love. Please, O God, please heal it now, by showing it the pleasantness of your radiance. Then it will be strengthened and be healed, and it will have gladness eternally.”  (from zmiros,  seudas shlishi)

Featured in:

Mishpacha Magazine

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