The Wave


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 40”x30”)

Last week I went at 10 at night to the beach to witness this rare occasion where we were able to see the bioluminescent waves. It was really something specialty see. As the waves crash down they make a spectacular light show.

The wave is inspired by my love of the ocean. As a child, I spent many Sundays at the beach jumping in the waves and digging holes in the sand. Sometimes on the way home from school my family would pull over in the car and say, “Get in, we’re on our way to the beach!”

The biblical verse in this painting is:

“שאבתם מים בששון ממעיני הישועה לה׳ הישועה, על עמך ברכתך סלה”

“You can draw water with joy, from the springs of salvation. Salvation is HaShem’s (G-d’s), upon your people, is your blessing, Selah.” (Isiah 12:2-3)

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