The Steipler


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 40”x30”)

Have you ever been in a tough position but still needed to speak your truth at all costs?  This man, Rabbi Yakov Kanievsky known as “The Steipler” was this person. This painting displays that moment when he was conscripted into the Russian army against his will. His truth was keeping Shabbat  (the sabbath) against all odds. He was beaten severely and even lost his hearing because of this. For him, it was a proud moment. What an amazing display of strength!!! How far would you go to display your inner strength?

To show this I painted this scene abstractly in the background if you look to the right. He stands under stormy skies with just a little blue showing. Displaying hope for the future. He went on to marry the Chazon Ish’s sister and his son Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is most well known as a great leader of the Jewish people in his own right. Many say he is the Gadol Hador ( the leader of our generation)

The passage in this painting is:

‏‏”אתה הוא מלכי אלוקים צוה ישועות יעקב. בך צרינו ננגח בשמך נבוס קמינו כי לא ביקשתי אבטח וחרבי

לא תושיעני כי הושענתנו מצרינו ומשנאינו הבישות באלקים הללנו כל היום”

“It is you who are my king O’ God; Command the salvations of Yaakov! Through you our foes we shall gore; By your name we will trample our opponents. For not in my bow do I trust and my sword does not save me. For you have saved us from our oppressors, and those who hate us you shamed. In God we glory all day long….” (Psalm 44)

Featured in Mishpacha Magazine and The Jewish Art House Magazine


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