The Steipler


Have you ever been in a tough position but still needed to speak your truth at all costs?
This man, Rabbi Yakov Kanievsky is known as The Steipler was this person. This painting displays that moment when he was conscripted into the Russian army against his will. His truth was keeping Shabbos (the sabbath against all odds. He was beaten severely and even lost his hearing because of this. For him, it was a proud moment. What an amazing display of strength!!! How far would you go to display your inner strength?
To show this I painted this scene abstractly in the background if you look to the right. He stands under stormy skies with just a little blue showing. Displaying hope in the future. He went on to marry the Chazon Ish?s sister and his son Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is most well known as a great leader of the Jewish people in his own right. Many say he is the Gadol Hador ( the leader of our generation)
This painting has been featured in Mishpacha Magazine on March 10, 2020, painting was also featured in the Frum Female Artists International Art Festival as can be seen on?
Dimensions 10 × 13 in

Original – Oil on Canvas, Giclée on Canvas, Giclée on Archival Paper


10 X 13, 15 X 20, 20 X 27, 40 X 30


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