The Seal


The Seal

Oil on canvas 6feet x 5feet.

Painted early in my career as an artist, this painting represents my love for the ocean. This beautiful vast and deep blue expanse always makes me marvel at G-d’s unique creations that populate it.

The biblical verse in this painting is –

‏הללו את ה׳ מן הארץ תנינים וכל תהמות

Praise Hashem from the earth

, sea giants and all watery depths (Psalms 148:7)

This was the first really large piece I made. I was afraid to buy such a large canvas but didn’t want to paint it unless I could feel like I was looking into the ocean or an aquarium and feel like I was right there with this peaceful harbor seal. Thank you Kyle McBurnie for taking this underwater shot that inspired this painting. I’ve never gone scuba diving before but his photographs make you want to jump right in.



Dimensions 24 × 20 in

Giclée on Canvas, Giclée on Archival Paper


20 X 24, 30 X 36, 40 X 48, 72 X 60

Painting Type

Natural, Spiritual


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