Acrylic on wood panel 18x24inches

One day I came into my son’s room collecting laundry. He was so engrossed in his learning he didn’t even notice I was there! He was transfixed into another world. A world he loves so much! Naturally, I had to paint it!!!

The pasuk in this piece is:

כי הם חיינו, וארך ימינו ובהם נהגה יומם ולילה…

For they (the Torah) are our life and the length of our days and about them we will meditate day and night.

It’s from the nightly Maariv prayers. He loves it so much, he can’t fathom why everyone wouldn’t spend their time learning the Talmud.


Giclée on 1/4" Acrylic Substrate


16 X 12, 24 X 18, 28 X 21, 32 X 24


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