Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 14”x11”)


It all started from a conversation with Chani Schreibhand (editor of The Uplift Magazine)

Speaking about the differences between teaching boys and girls, we discussed how boys had this macho attitude and girls have this insecure way about their confidence. Even though my young male students were typically more messy and paid less attention to detail than my young female students, the boys would speak as if they are God‘s gift to the world. ‘’Look at my painting! I’m an artist” and another would chime in, “mine is better than yours! Look how great I am!” On the other hand, the girls would look at each other’s paintings and say, your painting is so good! I don’t like mine.” This brought us to further discussions as to where the lack of confidence comes from. Connie decided to make this the main topic for the upcoming Uplift Magazine.


What painting can I make that would convey the lack of confidence relating to self image? When I look in the mirror am I happy with what I see? Do I sit there and judge myself? Chani wanted something with a broken mirror but no pictures of women. I felt I could convey this message by showing a reflection of a woman covering her face and shame. The shards of glass in the mirror distort the image, just as we cut through our self-confidence when we become so critical of ourselves.


Featured in The Uplift Magazine

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