Return to My Roots



I am so grateful to G-d for restoring my soul into my body upon waking each morning. By praising G-d and practicing gratitude, I exercise my ability to go back to the source. Everything can be rerouted to its source. The source of everything I have is G-d.

The biblical verse in this painting is:

מודה אני לפניך מלך חי וקים שהחזרתה בי נשמתי בחמלה רבה אמונתך.  ראשית חכמה יראת ה׳ שכל טוב לכל עשיהם  תהלתו עומדת לעד ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד

I gratefully thank you, O living eternal king, for you have returned my soul within me with compassion – abundant is Your faithfulness! The beginning of wisdom is the fear of  HaShem  – good understanding to all their practitioners; his praise endures forever. Blessed is the Name of His glorious kingdom for all eternity. (Source)