Releasing the Butterflies


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 16”x12”)

My favorite part of an orthodox Jewish wedding is the Bedekin. It’s full of emotion, excitement, and tears. The groom is escorted to the bride accompanied by festive music and pomp. The bride anxiously awaits. The groom than veils his bride. It’s his sneak peak before she walks down the aisle. Immediately after she is veiled the father of the bride gives his blessing. This painting is that touching moment when the father blesses his daughter and gives her away.

This is the blessing the father says:

“אחותנו את היי לאלפי רבקה דורש את זרעך שער שנאיו “

“Oh, sister, may grow into thousands of myriads. May your descendants  seize the gates of their enemies.” (Bereishis)

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