Reflections of Freedom


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 14”x11”)

We were addressing the issues we wanted to discuss in The Uplift Magazine but we still needed something more uplifting for the front cover. One of the questions of where the feelings of discontent with our body image may come from was, “are we passing on these issues of body image to our daughters?“ Even though Chani asked for just a mirror for the front cover, I felt that the only way to convey a mirror as a mirror (in a painting) is if it reflects something. I chose an empty room just as our bodies are empty vessels we have a choice to fill our bodies with what we like. I chose to reflect an empty room filled with light pouring in from the two windows with a painting of a mother and daughter running free along the beach. The daughter is holding onto her mother with one hand and a tambourine in the other further symbolizing this freedom. We have the answers within ourselves and we can always change the narrative.

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