Nissim Black


Armed for battle against evil outside and against the yetzer hara within. Grasping the Torah looking up towards the Heavens, Nissim Black knows what’s right. He holds on tight and marches forward!
Creating this painting brought me a little out of my comfort zone. I usually like to take my time painting but I accepted the challenge to paint quickly! Like Nissim, sometimes we have to push ourselves past our limits. The pasuk I chose for this piece is taken from Tehillim (psalms chapter 3)
ואתה ה׳ מגן בעדי כבודי ומרים ראשי קולי אל ה׳ אקרא ויענני….
“But you Hashem, are a shield for me for my soul and the One Who raises my head. With my voice to Hashem, I call out, and He answers me…”
I couldn’t think of a more appropriate quote for him. Here he is portrayed looking up to the Heavens knowing only Hashem will answer him. Like David Hamelech, he sings his praise to Hashem and becomes that shining star! I added a little embroidery in the Torah cover, it say ניסים ונפלאות, meaning Miracles and Wonders!
For a unique experience, look at this painting through chroma-depth glasses.  The image will come alive. Yes, it really is 3-D!!

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