New Beginnings


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 30”x24”)

Weddings are a special time. Uniting two parts of a whole. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Feel the love they share. Ready to start a new life together. There are 7 blessings we say at a Jewish wedding. I
decided to place the sixth blessing in this painting.

“שמח תשמח רעים אהובים, כשמך יצירך בגן עדן מקדם: ברוך אתה ה׳ משמח חתן וכלה”

“Grant abundant joy to these loving friends, as you bestowed gladness upon Your creative being in the garden of Eden of old. Blessed are you God, who gladdens the groom and bride.“

To all married couples old and new May you be blessed with love and happiness.

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