My Dream at 13


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 48”x24”)

When I was 13, I dreamt that friends and I were walking down my street and then we began to run.  As we ran, each tree burst into flames. It was odd that the trees did not catch fire from one other, – each tree burst into flames separately. Somehow I was in the middle of the street and the pavement turned to water. The water became overwhelming and I surrendered to it.  Just as I surrendered, I realize that I am in a whole new beautiful world. Looking back as an adult, I see what I want this world to be and I included Challah, Shabbos candles, and Mikvah (ritual bath) in the painting.

The biblical verse in this painting is:

“כל דעביד רחמנה לטב עביד”

“All that happens is with mercy and it’s for the good” (Rabbi Akiva)

Featured in:

Mishpacha magazine

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