Miriam Dancing with Tambourine


Miriam the prophetess always knew the Geula (redemption) was coming! Tambourine ready in hand. If one is suffering usually they don’t have the where with all to celebrate. Usually, they’re stuck in the quagmire of defeat. But not Miriam, throughout the suffering in Egypt she convinced her parents to stay together and she knew her brother Moshe (Moses) would lead the slaves into freedom. A reality most couldn’t see. Gathering the women preparing ahead of time. They sang אז ישיר! A song of gratitude to God. Grateful to be saved! I too believe the day will come when we will sing a new song! Moshiach will come! Redemption is right around the corner. What will this new song be? Are you ready?

It was an honor to be asked to create this painting. This was a little challenging for me particularly because I felt a responsibility to stay true to who Miriam Hanevia was. It’s more fun to have a face and flowing hair. But out of respect for who she was, I kept everything as tznius (modest) as possible. In the background, I painted into the sky all of אז ישיר and towards the bottom the next pasuk (in this week’s Torah portion B’shalach) continuing where it says she picked up the tambourine to dance. And lead the Jewish women. I have her in front leading.

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