Man Blowing Shofar



Rosh Hashana had just passed and I was inspired. I asked the man who blew the shofar (ram’s horn) in my synagogue if he would pose for me, and he graciously agreed. When I began this painting I was thinking of the phrase מלכות, זכרונות, שופרות, [provide an English translation] as inspiration. However, when I showed a photo of the painting to a Rabbi in Israel, he told me that I had captured the exact scenario that will come to be at the end of days. Moshiach (Messiah) will blow the shofar, HaShem (G-d) will return the Bais Hamikdash (the Temple), and everyone will recognize HaShem as the true King of the world.

The biblical verse in this painting is:

אתה נגלית בענן כבודך, על עם קדשך, לדבר עמם. מן השמים השמעתם קולך, ואנגלית עליהם בערפלי  טהר. גם כל העולם כלו חל מפניך, ובריות  בראשית חרדו ממך, בהגלותך מלכינו על הר סיני, ללמד לעמך תורה ומצוות, ותשמיעם את הוד קולך, ודברות קדשך מלהבות אש.  בקולת וברקים עליהם נגלית, ובקול שפר עליהם הופעת, ככתוב בתורתך.
You were revealed in your cloud of glory to Your holy people to speak with them. From the heavens You made them hear Your voice and revealed Yourself to them in the clouds of purity. Moreover, the entire universe shattered before You and the creatures of creation trembled before You during Your revelation, our King, on Mount Sinai to teach Your people Torah and Commandments. You made them here the majesty of Your voice and Your holy utterances from fiery flames. Amid thunder and lightning, You were revealed to them and with the sound of the shofar, you appeared to them as it is written in Your Torah.

Hebrew -English – Source( from the machzor of Rosh Hashana)