Lulav and Etrog


I love the holiday of Sukkot! Sitting in the Sukkah, is a holiday and a great joy!! We shake the four species “the Lulav and Etrog“ represented in this painting.
Each of the four species relates to a particular limb through which man is to serve God:
The”Etrog” or citron represents the heart the place of understanding and wisdom. The “Lulav“ or Palm refers to the backbone, uprightness.
The “Hadasim“ or myrtle corresponds to the eyes, enlightenment.
The “Arabia“ or willow represents the lips, the service of the lips are our prayers.
Taste represents learning. Smell represents good deeds. The Etrog has both taste and smell. The Lulav has taste but no fragrance the myrtle has smell but no taste. And the willow has neither. Each represents a different type of man some have both learning and good deeds, some have one without the other, and some have neither. A real community is found in their being bound together. May we realize each other’s gifts and appreciate our differences. May we all meet together soon in Yerushalayim!!!

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