Lotus Flowers


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 36”x12”)

Not far from my home, there is a Japanese garden with beautiful lotus flowers. I notice that sometimes the leaves actually become more colorful as they approach the end of their lifespans. In this painting, the leaves that are young are still mostly one color, but as they age they become more colorful, even as they wither. Once the lotus petals fall, rebirth begins anew with seeds inside the pods waiting to flower. And so continues the cycle of life.

The biblical verse in this painting is:

“נער הייתי גם זקנתי ולא ראיתי צדיק נעזב”

“I was a youth and also have aged, and I have not seen a righteous man forsaken, with his children begging for bread.”(Psalm 37)

Featured in Mishpacha Magazine https://mishpacha.com/panoramas-perspectives-and-pesukim

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