In Search


Oil on canvas

My father-in-law, Dr Laurence Marton has an eye for photography and a thirst for travel. He and Marlene (my mother-in-law) travel the world seeking beauty and nature. Their last adventure brought them to the Pantanal in Brazil. This Ruffled Capped Heron looks like he “lost his marbles”. In his search he lifts the sand with his beak creating a sand spray. Because he looks a little crazy, I chose the biblical phrase said by King David when he feigned madness to escape from king Achish of the Philistines.

“לדוד בשנותו את טעמו לפני אבימלך ויגרשהו וילך. אברכה את ה׳ בכל עת, תמיד תהלתו בפי.”

“Of David: When he disguised his sanity before Avimelech who drove him out and he left. I shall bless HaShem at all times, always shall His praise be in my mouth.”  (Psalm 34)

This was painted for the Uplift Magazine

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