Dreaming of Jerusalem


Jerusalem has a special place in my heart. My hero and ancestor King David purchased the land on Shabbos to build the Bais Hamikdash (the Temple) that was destroyed years ago.  The pasuk (passage) used here in this painting is from the Mincha Shmonei Esrei on Tisha B’av, where we add a part to the prayer on rebuilding Jerusalem.
כי אתא ה׳ באש הצתה, ובאש אתא עתיד לבנותה.
“For you, HaShem with fire you consumed her and with fire, You will rebuild her.”
Over the years returning to Jerusalem we see the return of the Jewish people, communities growing and relationships building. The fire of Torah is stronger and building everyday. May we see Moshiach, the descendant of David, the anointed one, arrive soon!

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