Bird and Prey


Oil on canvas (original dimensions: 24”x30”)

As I was praying this morning and thinking about how awesome God is and how thankful I am in my life. When I came to Ashrei, a prayer we recite 3 times a day, I thought I’d like to share this with you.

The pasuk in this painting is:

“עיני כל אליך ישברו, ואתה נותן להם את אכלם בעתו.  פותח את ידך, ומשביע לכל חי רצון”

“The eyes of all look to You with hope and You give them their food in its proper time.”  (Psalm 145)

I have this painting hanging in my dining room because I want that reminder that wether we have plenty or very little right now, it’s what’s best for us.  I remember shopping in the market many, many, years ago looking at the produce and deciding to eat a potato for dinner. I knew I could afford it and not much more. When you work hard you don’t take everything for granted. Sometimes having very little is a gift, but the bigger gift is being able to recognize it. May God bless you all to find your sustenance with ease during this coming year.

A friend of my husband (who is a wildlife photographer) sent him this picture. I loved it and immediately asked him if I could paint it. He said yes of course, and in the end, years later we learned it wasn’t his photo but I still don’t know whose it is. If anyone does know please share. Thank you!

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