A Glimpse of Jerusalem

Acrylic and resin on wood panel (original dimensions: 36”x48”)

ife in Jerusalem has a feel and a pulse all its own. At all hours of both day and night there is action! Like a beating heart it continues this rhythm.   Here are little scenes from a day walking through out Jerusalem. May we be blessed to return soon.

The biblical passage in the painting is:

‏”יברכך ה׳ מצוין וראה בטוב ירושלים כל ימי חייך וראה בנים לבנך שלום על ישראל”

“May Hashem bless you from Zion, and may you gaze upon the goodness of Jerusalem, all the days of your life. And may you see children born to children, peace upon Israel.”  (Psalms 128)