Joyful mother of Children


A joyful mother of children

Oil on canvas 24×30

Catching a moment of twirling! We need to take a break and enjoy what’s around us. A week before Purim, just before covid broke out, we were dancing at my niece’s wedding in Israel. There we were without a care in the world. No idea of Corona really coming. That was the last time I was in Israel. I told a couple of art galleries I’ll be back in June for my son’s Bar Mitzvah, “I can bring back a few pieces” little did I know…..

I love looking at this piece and remembering the unrestricted joy! This young mother was pregnant but dancing with her first. I chose the pasuk from Tehilim (psalms) and Hallel.

אם בנים שמחה

A joyful mother of children

Alone on the dance floor enjoying the moment. May we all dance again soon in Yerushalayim!!


Original – Oil on Canvas, Giclée on Canvas, Giclée on Archival Paper


12 X 15, 16 X 20, 30 X 24


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